Quality monitoring
for school systems

Reliable reporting of non-academic
school quality indicators

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Reliable reporting of non-academic
school quality indicators

School climate
and culture





Full support from Edurio survey and data consultants to successfully gather the data you need

Edurio lets you continuously monitor
school quality and engage with stakeholders

It can be used at state, regional, district and school levels to give more people access to important data.

Edurio’s multi-tiered system encourages transparency and sharing of results among everyone who needs them, breaking down silos and making data more actionable.

It makes sense of non-academic data and gets it into your hands quickly.

Interactive results are immediately available to everyone who’s been given access as soon as responses start pouring in. Edurio’s results matrix simplifies a huge amount of perception data, giving you a quick overview of strengths and weaknesses.

It lets you analyse data like a pro, filtering results by customised student subgroups.

All Edurio results can be filtered and compared by class group, level, subject, teacher or school. We can also help you setup your account to separate data by custom student (or other stakeholder) subgroups (gender, race/ethnicity, socioeconomic background, ELL, SEN, etc.)

It monitors school improvement over time.

By repeating the same survey, you can continuously monitor school quality and improvement efforts. Edurio will track and report any changes from survey to survey.

It allows you to survey everyone in a way they understand and works for them.

Edurio surveys can be completed in multiple languages and accessed by computer, tablet or smartphone.

We provide personalised survey and data support.

Sometimes the hard part is knowing where to start and how to measure something that doesn’t have a grade or percentage attached to it. You’ll work closely with Edurio consultants to be sure you’re on the right track and getting the data you need.

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Edurio can be used in both small schools or large education agencies and can be tailored to specific projects in terms of data collection and analysis, with as much (or as little) support from our team as needed. So pricing will also be tailored to your needs—first we’d like to talk and learn as much as we can from you. Leave your contact details below and a member of the team will be in touch with you soon!

About us

Edurio was founded in 2014 by Ernest Jenavs , Janis Gribusts and Janis Strods and is now used in over 600 schools in 5 countries and networks with up to 100 schools. We’re now a team of 20 with experience spanning education, business, data analysis, software development and design.