Feedback that leads to action

Edurio for teachers and schools

Get valuable feedback in an effort-free way

Use Edurio surveys or design your own
We have designed surveys based on the latest available research and feedback from teachers and school heads. You can use and combine these according to your development priorities or create new surveys whenever you wish to.
Save time
Edurio allows getting regular feedback from your students in an effortless way. Straightforward school data management, intuitive survey design and instant results can save you weeks of effort.
Immediate interactive results
Edurio makes the survey results readily accessible as the responses come in - no need to spend time crunching the data in an Excel spreadsheet. You can view the results as a structured summary, or filter and compare your results across a range of parameters.

Feedback is important to provide a quality education

Feedback from all stakeholders in the education system is a very powerful way to raise the quality of education. This is confirmed by Professor John Hattie who lists student feedback to teachers as one of the top 10 influencers of student educational outcomes.

We created Edurio because we have taught in schools ourselves and saw how difficult it was to gather feedback from students and their parents. Both paper surveys and the available survey tools were completely unfit for collecting feedback in a school environment and wasted a lot of time in administering the surveys and analysing the results. Edurio is therefore focused on giving teachers and school leaders a very easy way to collect and view feedback that leads to action.

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