Protecting our customers’ data is our key responsibility, so we store all the data on Amazon Web Services cloud servers in the EU, which have daily backups and robust security controls. All connections to our servers are secured with bank-level SSL encryption. We fully adhere to the national data protection requirement in the countries we operate in.

Data security and confidentiality

Edurio has thorough data protection and confidentiality policies, is fully compliant with the relevant regulations and uses best-in-class encryption and server solutions.

We have done a thorough review and are developing Edurio in close adherence to the data protection regulations in the countries we intend to operate in, including the UK Data Protection Act (1998), the European Data Protection Directive and the seven guiding principles of the OECD’s protection of personal data. As the system will hold personal data of children, we have ensured bank-level security standards and will need to carry out registration with the data protection organisations internationally.