Personal data is used in the platform to help you improve the quality of education in your schools. Protecting this data is our key priority. We have taken technical and operational steps to make sure your data is stored and processed safely and in compliance with the EU Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other data protection requirements in the countries we operate in.

Technical security

  • All data is stored, processed and managed on servers operated by Amazon Web Services which is ISO 27001 compliant and located in the EU
  • All connections to our servers are secured with bank-level SSL encryption
  • Our servers are regularly monitored to prevent security vulnerabilities
  • We maintain physical security for system access using secure keys and AWS Identity and Access management tool
  • How we help schools comply with GDPR when using Edurio

  • Data access control - only view the data that’s relevant to your role with role-based access control. This is planned in collaboration with you when setting up Edurio.
  • Data anonymity - survey results collected on the platform are anonymised and can be viewed only after at least three respondents have filled out a survey.
  • Secure survey filling - to make sure only the intended respondents have access to your survey, via Edurio platform you can send an invitation link to each respondent which can be used only once.
  • You are in control of your data - we process only the personal data you entrust us for the purposes you have specified.
  • Secure login - we provide a number of login options depending on your needs, including SSO, code login and personalised link login.
  • For more information on our privacy policy see Terms of Service.

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